Episode 4 | 1978 : Mike

Mike knows a lot about Australian muscle cars from 1968 to 1978. The other kids think he's odd and Mike believes he only has one friend, Ben, but is Ben a real friend?

  • Performance cars [Episode 4 | 1978 : Mike]


    Performance cars [Episode 4 | 1978 : Mike]

    Mike discusses the validity of a Datsun as a 'muscle car' with his friend Ben. He visits the 'Tippy' to acquire some spare parts that Ben has requested and is introduced to the 1971 Ford GT-HO that the Tippy is remodelling.

    The card collection [Episode 4 | 1978 : Mike]


    The card collection [Episode 4 | 1978 : Mike]

    Mike needs to borrow $50 in order to buy the carburettor that Ben's brother needs for his performance car. But no one in the family will lend him the money even though he is prepared to sell his beloved card collection.

    The 'Tippy' [Episode 4 | 1978 : Mike]


    The 'Tippy' [Episode 4 | 1978 : Mike]

    Mike learns from his father, Michaelis, that the 'Tippy' is different since returning from the Vietnam War. Regardless of difference, Mike regards the Tippy as his genuine best friend.